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Tesla Powerwall Manager app for SmartThings (and Hubitat) Hubs

Introducing the Powerwall Manager SmartApp for SmartThings (and Hubitat) Hubs After 6 months of operation, I’ve been quite pleased with the new Tesla Powerwall II. The Powerwall coupled with our home solar has almost completely squashed our electric utility peak demand charges and has eliminated all net electric usage during peak hours. While the Tesla […]

HomeSeer HS-FC200+ Z-Wave Fan Controller – Device Handler for SmartThings

The HomeSeer HS-FC200+ Fan Controller

It’s arrived! This September (2018), HomeSeer introduced their new HS-FC200+ in-wall Z-Wave fan controller – and I finally got my hands on one. The HS-FC200+ supports multi-tap functionality as well as HomeSeer’s novel capability to control the on/off state and RGB capabilities of the LED indicators. Altogether, this makes the HS-FC200+ a nice complement to […]

The Demand Manager App for the SmartThings (and Hubitat) Hub

  Introducing the Electric Energy Demand Manager Smart App for the SmartThings Home Automation Hub. This smart app is designed for those wishing to save money on their electric bill with utility companies that levy demand charges (such as Arizona’s APS and SRP (with solar) utilities), or for those wishing to reduce their environmental […]

HomeSeer HS-WD200+ & HS-WS200+ Dimmer, Switch Review and SmartThings Device

HS-WD200+ Z-Wave In-Wall Switch/Dimmerby HomeSeer HS-WD200+ Z-Wave In-Wall Switch/Dimmerby HomeSeer Opportunities abound for smart switch innovation – considering their convenient location options in every home and easy access to power. I’m not sure why other companies have failed to give these comparatively simple devices the full attention they deserve, but HomeSeer definitely gets it. With […]

HomeSeer HS-WS100+ & HS-WD100+ Review and SmartThings Device Handlers

This is a review of the 100+ series wall switch and dimmer from HomeSeer. For a review of HomeSeer’s latest 200+ series switch and dimmer, please see: HomeSeer HS-WS200+ & HS-WD200+ Review and SmartThings Device Handlers.   Originally Published: 8 April 2016 Initial Impressions HS-WD100+ Z-Wave In-Wall Switch/Dimmer by HomeSeer Price: $45 HS-WS100+ Z-Wave […]

Securifi Almond+ Review – Home Automation Hub and Wireless Router

Originally posted: 24 January 2016 Update: 28-September-2016: Almond+ by Securifi Price: $151.69 Securifi has recently updated the Almond+ firmware and cloud server to address the most critical feature deficiencies that I noted in my January review. Of particular note, Securifi has added limited IFTTT support and sunrise/sunset rule capability. I’ve updated our Almond+ hardware to […]

Samsung SmartThings Hub Review

SmartThings Hub by Samsung Price: $90 At the risk of adding to the already extensive noise on the very capable Samsung V2 SmartThings Hub, following is a brief high-level overview of this device and specifics as to why it is currently on Darwin’s Den’s Best Home Automation Controllers List and the top pick on the […]

Rokinon 14mm & 24mm Profiles – Make a Good Lens Great

See the Must-Have Home Automation Devices review The Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 and Rokinon 24mm f/1.4 lenses are great lenses for night photography and are fairly low-cost, but they do have somewhat complicated distortion and vignetting characteristics. Fortunately, these are easily correctable in Lightroom with a good lens profile. The profiles below also work with […]